Trapped in my own imagination.
Unable to distinguish between what’s real and what I feel.
Is this reality or is it just my depiction of it?
Crossed that thin line,
So now I question my sanity.
I’m trapped.

Trapped in a world that I don’t want to be a part of.
A corrupted twisted place where man is against nature.
The older I get, the darker my soul becomes,
watching the innocence slowly fade away.
Corrupted by the primitive ways of man,
the vicious repetitive cycle of life,
I’m trapped.

Trapped in a superficial existence.
Where man is separated from his purpose.
Living to fulfil his worldly needs unaware of his spiritual death
Yet no one seems to care
that we trade our souls for material things.
Is it really worth it?
Living in a world full of zombies,
I’m trapped.

Trapped in an illusion of civilisation.
The vicious repetitive cycle of life where
the masses are oppressed by an elite few.
A world where forced assimilation is hidden
behind the facade of integration.
Integrated into a burning house
but we refuse to smell the smoke, I’m trapped.

Trapped by the primitive ways of man.
They scream progress but all I see is retrogression.
Separated from the natural world,
Watching the earth slowly deplete
yet mankind’s greed will stop at no cost,
Leaving behind a path of destruction. I’m trapped

Trapped in a world of unsaid words.
I am a prisoner in my own mind.
A prisoner of words that should’ve been said
but were held back because of fear
and now it’s too late so I’m trapped.


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