Men Are Trash.

If the title of this post offends you, there is a high probability that you are trash. Don’t be offended (or be), it’s time for you to actually listen to what women are saying instead of being defensive because your ego cannot handle the truth.

In my opinion, I believe this phrase is used to critique the systematic oppression women face in a patriarchal society but in a colloquial manner. It is literally women saying “hey men, we’re tired of being treated like we are inferior to you simply because we have a vagina”. This is literally what is being said. Women are tired of being treated unfairly based on something we have no control over – our gender. And if you think we are exaggerating, just think about the conversations men have with other men about women. Women are reduced to sexual objects and how you treat us is usually heavily based on how much you want to fuck us. Women are harassed on a daily basis, just walking down the street can be a nightmare for some women. It has literally been so normalised to degrade women that anyone who dares to speak up against women’s degradation is often met with backlash. Just look at how much hate feminists get. How can you literally be against equality for all genders?

To be fair, saying “men are trash” isn’t that far-fetched. The world is run by men. Look at the state of it and ask yourself “are we really doing okay as humans?” The ‘free’ world is literally being run by possibly one of the trashiest men alive: Donald Trump. Let that sink in for a minute.

In the UK, violence against women has increased since 2009 while violence against men has decreased. Do we see a problem here? There has been an increase in cases of domestic violence, sexual violence, rape and even homicide. 97% of female domestic homicide victims were killed by a male suspect. In these cases, these women were killed by men they knew and loved (boyfriends, husbands, fathers etc.). Yes, men die too but the difference is women don’t kill men half as much as men kill women. This isn’t me saying one is better than the other, but statistically the rate at which one happens is higher than the other. Clearly, there is a bigger problem. Women are far more likely to be killed by their spouses but saying “men are trash” is unfair?

I know someone is thinking this: “but not all men do this”, we know. ‘Men’: plural. Not ‘man’: singular. No one is attacking any individual man but as a collective, you pose a threat to our livelihood. The fact that women have to take so much precaution before we leave our homes every single day while you can just wake up, get dressed and leave. We have to make sure we don’t walk down dark alleys. We have to prepare fake names and phone numbers because saying no to a man has cost countless women their lives. We have to remember to never leave our drinks alone out of fear that it will be spiked. We are told to shrink ourselves to let men shine because God forbid we do better than the men in our lives. We are literally told that we exist to please the male gaze. A woman exists for the man’s pleasure and men reap the benefits of it, one way or another. Not all men are active participants of the system but all men benefit from patriarchy but saying “men are trash” is unfair?

When women portray even a fraction of the behavior men portray on a daily basis we are treated even worse. Let’s take it down to something basic. Sex. Sex in a heterosexual relationship takes place between a man and a woman. Both men and women participate in sex yet we still label women “hoes” for having sex. So answer this, if every woman is supposed to be a virgin or have a low body count, who are men having sex with? Secondly, though there should be an equal responsibility to prevent unwanted pregnancies, there really isn’t. Male contraceptives exist but most men refuse to take them. A clinical trial of contraceptives for men was stopped because of side effects. Side effects which women have been dealing with for decades by the way. Women put our bodies through such mental and physical changes in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy – an unwanted pregnancy that requires a sperm (from the man) and an egg (from the woman). There are guys out there who fuck without condoms because “baby, it feels better raw” but act surprised when the girl gets pregnant. It is true, there are ways the woman can avoid pregnancy after having unprotected sex but these methods aren’t affordable to everyone. It takes two to have sex but why is it only one party paying minimum £25 for the pill? Why is it only one party fretting about the possibilities of becoming a parent? Why is it only one party that is blamed and demeaned for raising a child alone? Last time I checked, it takes two to make a child but saying “men are trash” is unfair?

And if after all this, you still refuse to listen to a human being with a vagina, perhaps this might spark a thought. Men know that men are trash. This is why from a young age, women are told by their fathers to stay away from boys until marriage (my friend’s dad told her not to get a boyfriend till she was married. Men are overprotective of their female family members because they don’t trust the actions of other men. Any girl with an older brother or male cousins can attest to this. My brother and cousins struggle with the fact that I now openly show interest in the opposite sex because of how they have treated girls in the past. The reason a lot of men do not want the responsibility of raising a daughter is because it will force them to look in the mirror and face the truth: men are trash. Not only are men overly protective of the women in their family, they are also incredibly skeptical of other men around their girlfriends – think of the phrase that I’m sure you’ve thought of and/or probably even said to your girl: “It’s not you I don’t trust it’s him.” But “men are trash” is unfair?


If saying men are trash is what it takes to get your attention, we will continue to say it until you have no choice but to listen to us. If after all this, your ego and your feelings are still more important than women’s lives, our safety and our sanity; from the bottom of my heart: fuck you.

However, if reading this has provoked some thought or questions, I implore you to listen to the women in your lives. Just listen.

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3 thoughts on “Men Are Trash.

  1. Wow, what an angry, resentful women you are. I’m assuming some men have treated you poorly in the past. The reality is, men and women are born into this world as EQUALS.
    Both men and women have their own qualities, abilities, and strengths so it’s fair to say that every human being should be treated equally regardless of gender.

    Sadly however, as human beings living within this strange reality with no memory of before and no proven idea of what comes next, the concept of equality isn’t as straight forward as we would like it to be. You see, we all live within this three dimension physical world where some qualities, abilities, and strengths are considered more important than others. For example, physical strength is considered to be an important ability within this strange world. This gives men and advantage over women because men are naturally physically stronger than women.

    I totally agree that on a day to day basis within society, we shouldn’t make a distinction regarding gender but as I’ve said, it’s never as straight forward as that.

    For an age, men have been considered the hunter, gatherer and protector of our species. this is simply because of a man’s strength. Likewise, throughout history, women have generally taken the role of mother and wife. I am not saying that a women isn’t capable of doing anything a man can because women can but historically, women have taken the role of taking care of her family.

    As you know, modern society is changing the way we think. As a species, we are aware that women are mens equal as gender seems to be becoming less and less relevant. For example, men have become more feminim and women have become more masculin. We often see women behaving the same way we have always associated with men – getting drunk, fighting and using men as sex objects for their own satisfaction. Behaviours that have predominently been associated with men in the past are now carried out by women too.

    Now when you consider our modern society, many of our gender specific skills are irrelevant. Men don’t need to be physically strong or the best hunter or the best fighter. These abilities have served men well in the past but in todays world, the average man doesn’t need these abilities to survive or be successful. Today, men and women are equally capable of the same things. The only difference between our genders is the obvious natural differences.

    This history of inequality is simply a consequence of changing times. Traditions such as this don’t just change overnight. These things tend to take time as our species evolves on an intellectual, awareness level. Nobody should expect everyone to adopt these ideas because you can’t force equality. We need to let nature take it’s course and over time this change will happen. It’s a natural process of change that could potentially take generations to materialize. In the meantime, it’s not fair to attack and accuse men of something that has come naturally to them throughout history. It’s part of their DNA and women need to accept that. We also need to be incredibly careful that we don’t further divide our species.
    Women need to be patient and accept that these changes take time. Nobody should be punished because they haven’t evolved with the rest of humanity. While I can totally understand that it’s not fair for women to just accept things the way they are but it’s the reality of the situation. Inequality isn’t a nice concept. especially when your gender is considered less than but it’s not done out of evil or malevonence, it’s just a concept that came about to allow our species to survive in the wild. It’s simply the way human beings have been throughout history and this is slowly changing. Bare in mind, modern society has only been around for a TINY insignificant space of time so it’s unrealistic to expect all men to change their nature overnight. Try and look at the bigger picture, while inequality isn’t fair, the idea that men are womens protectors is another idea that our species adopted to survive in nature since the begining of time. So, be patient. Complete equality WILL happen one day but it cannot and should not be forced upon our species. For real equality to happen and for it to last forever we must let it happen in it’s own time. It could take years, it could take generations nobody knows how long it will take but rest assured it WILL happen.
    For now, it’s wrong and unfair to victimise women and attack men. Doing this will only harm the evolution of equality and it could set the idea back for much longer than it needs to be. So, be wise and patient.


    1. Rich. The fact that your first instinct was to insult me makes everything else you say invalid but I’m going to indulge you this once.

      Firstly, are you sure you actually read the post or did you just read the title and decide to be offended? Either way, don’t be obtuse. Everything I have said can literally be supported by statistics, simply do your research. Men are the biggest threat to women. Rape, murder, domestic violence, sexual assault etc. Statistically, how men treat women is a massive issue. Men kill women more than breast cancer, heart disease or anything else does. So yes, men are trash.

      Secondly, men and women are supposed to be equal however, we are not treated as such. Even the egalitarian societies you speak of, men had more power simply because, as hunters, they had the weapons, women didn’t. There has been a trend throughout history where women are at a disadvantage to men in one way or another. I’m not here to debate gender roles. Neither do I need a lesson on it seeing as this is literally what I study as an anthropology student. I am simply saying men are trash statistically speaking because of how women are treated on a daily basis due to the belief that we are inferior.

      Thirdly, you stated that men are “women’s protectors”. This is subpar, at best, and pitiful in reality. Historically (and even in modern society), men only protect women because women are viewed as property. Men “protected” their own women from other men but continued to abuse them behind closed doors. Protectors, how?

      Lastly, the fact that you are more worried about “accusing men” than women’s safety and lives is worrying. What exactly is encoded in men’s DNA? Violence and aggression towards women? Where did you find this “scientific fact” because this smells like bullshit. I highly doubt seeing women as inferior is in men’s DNA, that’s probably something you tell yourself to allow you to sleep comfortably at night. Waiting for change isn’t how things work, history shows that change happens when people stand up and say “enough”. So no, I will not be patient. Patience doesn’t bring about change, actions do.

      I did explicitly state that I’m not attacking all men but clearly my words rub you the wrong way and there is nothing I can do about that. I’m responsible for my words, not what you took from them. If you really were offended by this post, I can’t help you. You must have some deep-rooted issues you need to confront but only you can do that for yourself. I hope you find the peace you need.


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